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   JUNE 2018


Sarahkka logoGathering

Brännan, Umeå  1-3 June

It is time to gather around a 3 days fire to dream the world into being. Together we are guardians over the sacred fire, 2 persons at a time in 2 hour blocks around the clock. To step in to a gathering is 3 days of deep transformation where we give and receive all the gifts that each participant is.  

Through the fire we give thanks to the past and plant seeds for  the time to come. We create these days together around the fire, each person is sharing  of themselves in some way – it can be that you are holding Sacred Space, share a mediation or another practice. It can also be that you do more practical things as filling up with wood, serving te/coffe etc. What would you like to share to create the world you want to live in. Let us create together and know that everyone has a place in the web of life.

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Sarahkka logoSessions & Initiations

Brännan, Umeå - June 2018

Welcome to book your session or initiation.

Registration is handled by Elinor Adenling:

Phone 090-198644, 0730-222642

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