The Way of the Sage
Fetsund, Norway,
12-18 November 2018

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Welcome to Sarahkka
Shaman Healing and Energy Medicine

Shaman sessions, Workshops, Educations and Sacred Journeys with Marie J Ytterman

I will help you to live your life in joy, peace, fun and magic. My gift is that I can see the unseen world and illuminate What is ready to be addressed and seen. I'll help you change your reality and find the gifts in the things that are ready to leave. I travel side by side with you on your journey to experience that you are the creator of your life. Everything is possible.

My gift is to illuminate your limiting beliefs  that is preventing you from living the life of your dreams. When your heart sings, your vision is clear and from that place you go into sacred action, you will create a life of joy and beauty.

You take responsibility for your own life, you make the changes and begin to experience your own gifts and I have the great privilege to walk beside you a part of the way, then push you out of the nest and see how your own wings will lift you up.

Welcome to experience a world full of LIFE!

Marie Christina 


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I am currently working on translations of this web site into English and will replace more and more of the Swedish texts over time.
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